Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.

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It just happened. I’ve decided to take a side.


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As I sit in reflection, one thing that stands out is everyone in ‘crypto’ is constantly bickering, infighting, tearing down, disrespecting, and generally proving the negativity filled swamp outsiders see our niche industry as. Don’t get me wrong, I understand, you gotta protect and support the narrative you have chosen to attach to, or even created yourself. I don’t fault you, and I can respect that is where you are and what you see. But maybe we can change this.


I have now spent two years, quietly participating with you all, trying to not get a target painted because I’ve seen how the masses are viewed more powerful than the individuals and how the collective will envelop and silence dissent. We have to keep cognizant that we are doing something that we are all still individuals within and have the freedom to create and innovate, or, emulate the methods of the successes that have come before us. Again, I fault nobody for trying to navigate without a map, most of us are doing the best we can with cryptic clues, and the nuanced but deeply interpersonal relationships between ‘others’ that are viewed from a distance as we try to find a tribe to accept us.


There are BTC Maximalists, altcoiners, shitcoiners, marketers, innovators, followers, artists, users, collectors, and many other titles that can be attached to those who occupy a spot on this gameboard amongst us. There is room for all of us, and even enough room for most of us to assume multiple titles. I have had a ‘rule’ I’ve tried to follow as I’ve integrated into ‘crypto’ with you all, and it’s simple. “Don’t be a dick.” I feel many here are too occupied with getting a win or a headshot. And it shows, and the outsiders are too scared to try and navigate the battlefield.


Now we all know, two years is nothing in the ‘space’ (ironic usage), but it’s 20% of the lifetime Bitcoin has existed, and we all know there are the cast aside empty husks of a majority of the people that came in, got rekt, and are long gone, onto the next big thing, their potential moonshot that only survived 1% of Bitcoins lifetime. A few of them left because they screwed the pooch, but I would say more of them left because they couldn’t deal with the heat so they GTFO of the kitchen. But, one day, maybe not this next ‘bullrun’, and maybe not even the one after that, we are going to need to come to terms with, and get a handle on the side I’m deciding to take if we really believe in what we are doing.



I’m taking the side of adoption.


Now, I’m not saying we need to make it so iOS simple a caveman could do it. I’m saying we need to help people without lifevests onto the rescue boats. Part of that is helping pull ’em onboard, but part of that is helping the ones that can kick and pull themselves up as well. If we really believe in what massive revolutionary potential we all have and are not simply trying to unload bags on uncouth plebeians, we should take a little time to reflect. Our participation now places us in a minority of a minority. One day, maybe not too far off we will be the leaders of the direction the future takes. Now I don’t want to change the industry, I truly love the individuality we all show and the potential that comes from our freedoms. I just want to see us revise the collectivism of jumping behind a louder voice or tweeter and parroting their angle. We don’t need to change our uniqueness we need to help other unique people come along and see what we think we see the future as.


Now as to how it happened.


I was reflecting on my childhood, and I remembered being at the Boys & Girls Club after school. I recalled the day a bunch of older people showed up with wheeled carts and cases and taught us all a bit about Numismatics. After the huge interest from the uninformed children (myself included), they decided to come twice a month, and teach us about coins and paper money. I’ll admit now, looking back, I hadn’t thought about this in over twenty-five years, but I guess I did get an early opportunity to look at my future (it’s not exact, but it rhymes).


These people were very advanced, very knowledgeable, and very skilled in their hobby or trade or career, and they took the time to help some snot-nosed kids take a peek into something outside of their regularly scheduled programming.


What I recall is, these people were showing us random US coinage in little foldy plastic sleeves at the same time they were showing us NGC slabbed and graded gold coins from around the world. None of them were focused only on pre-1964 silver dimes, or WWII Japanese peso paper bills. They desired to help others understand and see how many different forms existed, and that there was room for everyone to find their place and participate. Pretty soon, we were saving lunch money and our change to buy coins and paper money to collect, not because we would get rich, but because it helped us learn more about money, how it works, how it’s valued, and how to spot the real thing. As I type this, I recall there is likely a box of assorted money from around the globe still at my parent’s house.


But what I’m getting at is this; These old coin collectors helped others learn and understand the basics and let them freely make their own decisions and choices, and we should be doing the same. We all know there are less than savory individuals that were selling fakes, or making unreal promises, but we have been lucky to have a free market, and that system works this whole thing out. Instead of tearing someone down for a Netflix documentary interview, we should focus on supporting trustworthy individuals with a proven track record. If someone isn’t above board, their situation will resolve itself without mob rule. Without the wrong type of torch, without pitchforks.


So, I’m on the side of adoption, I’m on the side of transparency, and I’m on the side of helping the snot-nosed no-corners see there is a spot for them, one they can find inclusiveness, and one where they can grow and learn how to remain themselves. We have plenty of life vests, we have plenty of lifeboats, and it’s up to us to do the right thing.


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