Honeyminer Bear is so chill

Why I love Honeyminer

Before getting into why I love Honeyminer, I want to tell you a little about my background in crypto, especially as it pertains to the things I’ve learned and the mistakes I’ve made along the way..

It was December of 2017, and I had just gotten back into crypto after a long hiatus. This may sound stupid, but before that, back in 2013 when I bought my first Bitcoin, I didn’t even know what a blockchain was. Then came my first giant dip and multi-year HODL. I basically just set my Bitcoin aside and forgot about it. Fast-forward to early 2017, and I still barely understood how blockchains worked. I didn’t know what an altcoin was or even how to buy one, let alone that some of them could be mined like Bitcoin. Mining and how that worked was a huge unknown to me. My lack of blockchain literacy was one side of the situation, on the other side I was just getting my toes wet in the world of crypto and social media. I didn’t know what Telegram was, had no idea about Crypto Twitter, but I had just discovered the infamous Trayvon James on YouTube! And what’s worse, I actually thought he was pretty entertaining. I’ll admit I was incredibly naïve. I kept learning new things about crypto and it all seemed so utopian. Such lofty ideals! How could there be scams and dishonest people out there?

But of course there were plenty of scams and there continue to be to this day. Only now I’m much more wary. But back to December 2017 and the day I decided that mining for Bitcoin just sounded cool.

And I wanted to do it. I wanted to be a miner.

Bitcoin mining with Honeyminer


“Hey what do you do?”

“I mine for Bitcoin!”



Cool right? It would have been, had I had any sense back then, had I done my own research… sadly DYOR was not in my vocabulary at the time. It didn’t help that I had some meager crypto gains to reinvest and that Bitcoin was starting to go up up up..

So there I was, flitting from one grimy corner of the internet to the next, totally unaware as to how grimy those corners actually were, when I am across a company called Hashflare that offered so called “cloud-mining” contracts. You send them some money. They use that money to maintain mining facilities, and you get a payout in Bitcoin for a predetermined amount of time. Boom! You’re mining! Easy as can be, right?

Except it’s not that easy. They charge ridiculous maintenance fees. They alter the terms of contracts at will, and recently they just canceled all Bitcoin mining contracts indefinitely. Don’t even get me started on the daily withdrawal limits and the associated withdrawal fees. There might be some actual mining going on, but for the most part its all scam and bad business practices.

the opposite of Honeyminer

Luckily I only put in as much money as I was willing to lose, and all in all I’ll get back some Bitcoin despite my folly. And of course if Bitcoin moons I might even manage to break even with regard to fiat spent. But the lesson I learned is that I would have a lot more Bitcoin now if I’d just bought it on an exchange instead, or really done my own research.

In the time since buying those mining contracts, I’ve immersed myself in crypto and learned enough to realize how little I knew back then. And how much I still have to learn! But now there are blockchain projects I support publicly, and others that I respectfully keep quiet about because I believe one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.. I listen to podcasts like Block Zero and Coin Mastery. I read whitepapers. I participate in Telegram discussions and go to meet-ups. Most recently I’ve started reading the Proof of Walken mining guides and I’m planning to build my own rig pretty soon, because, you know…


Except now I know why it’s cool! Sure you get paid to mine, and there’s nothing wrong with doing it to make money. In fact, proper incentivization is one of the cornerstones of a good blockchain! But as a miner what you’re actually doing is validating transactions and maintaining the integrity of a completely decentralized network! You are literally helping to change the world one block at a time. And for me, that’s far cooler than any financial incentive.

All of this finally takes me back to Honeyminer.

from the Honeyminer website

Yes, I’m going to build a rig soon, and maybe I’ll try my hand at doing everything manually. But truth be told, I’ll probably build my rig and then let Honeyminer do all the hard work for me. Honeyminer is what I was really looking for all that time ago when I stumbled upon “cloud-mining.” It’s one-click mining that you can run on almost any PC, and soon on Mac and Linux OS. (Get ready old MacBooks, you’re gonna be miners soon!) I can log in from anywhere and see how much I’ve mined, and I can even check how hot my GPU is running. I’m gonna get a little corny here, but even in these early stages, the UI is sweet as honey. Can I tell you one thing that’s even sweeter? Earning money while you sleep.

Sweet Dreams Honeyminers,

Crypto Breakfast


TLDR? Check out this Honeyminer Video I made.

screenshot from my Honeyminer video



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