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With the madness that is cryptocurrency I figured I would dedicate this post to an introduction of myself. I am The Dragon, I’m 20 years old, currently studying computer science at an American university midway through my Junior year. My journey with Bitcoin began when I was 15 years old, roughly 5 years ago. To me, the concept of this “internet money” made logical sense, as I was exposed to multiple kinds of alternative online variations of cash at a young age, through gaming. From credits on Halo Reach to gold in RuneScape, this concept of an online alternative source of money just made sense. While holding Bitcoin for a couple of years came with a learning curve, the part that fascinated me was not the money to be made, but the technology. Que “In it for the tech” meme and yes this sounds rather cliché, but for me, this was un-ironically true and was what kept my attention at a young age. When I got to college, computer science was the logical decision and for me, it has expanded the world of cryptocurrency tenfold.

I didn’t seriously start buying Bitcoin until early/ mid-2017 and then ended up selling off a little early at the end of 2017, as I was pretty busy with school. I began to focus on bot oriented trading strategies in cryptocurrency, and that is where I spent the majority of my time in early 2018. With school it went hand in hand, I was learning and developing skills in java and python and began to develop bots alongside that. I found myself late 2017 in the depths of Crypto-twitter, and that’s when Dragon was born. I then became a writer for Whale Reports and produced a couple articles about automated trading.

Links to articles about different automated third-party trading software options

–   “Nazca bot” (more of an index builder, still interesting):

–   “Cryptohopper” (lots of customization options, fancy new UI update since article):

While I have a passion for coding, developing, and have found a fascination with automated trading strategies, I recently have been getting more into price action trading. There are a lot of great people on twitter,, and to name a couple whom all have amazing, free, public resources where they go into price action strategies and tactics. Through a lot of learning by observation and video watching, I have been intrigued by price action trading and have been starting to take some setups myself. Price action trading is obviously very different than using bots to trade, but you do develop a strategy just as if you were coding, the root ideology is just slightly different. I run a free discord group where I post some price action moves, market news, and more in:

The 2018 year has been wild, with the market in absolute turmoil. This was my first Bitcoin “bubble” I really saw firsthand, and have been blown away by the carnage. To clarify… I am not a dragonchain shill (at all) and did not trade or hold many alts on the way down by hand like I said I had (thankfully) started to mess around with automated strategies which helped keep my risk in check. Had I been trading by hand through early 2018 I likely would have ended up very rekt, but luckily due to the algorithmic strategies I was attempting at the time there always was a stop loss in place, and I being very cautious due to things like the code breaking and the bot stopping, etc. Without drawing on too long in this introduction I just wanted to sort-of establish who the hell this Dragon character is, because, well, I am here to stay.

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