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July 8

-Binance donates $1MM, opens donation add for JPN victims
-Intent praised, method may birth new scams
-Kaz vs paid group haters, Flood, guy who calls him overly sensitive
-Wasserpest gone after threatening joecow, barney, RIP?
-Taking out loans to buy XRP

July 7

-Bitmain to invest $50MM in Opera browser
-Kevin Pham “I’m not a fucking coward like you”, Trav:”say that to my face”
-Cred’s guide to pos size and lev

-Imp:”don’t need to train leg day ’cause I have 3″
-Bella has technical_anal live on YouTube next week
-Cobain: “if BTC=$12k in next 2 years I will give all RT’ers $1k”..again, followers go full thousandaire mode
-loomdart: “if ENG win World Cup I will give all RT’ers, likers 0.01 BTC”
-Schnorr signature proposal published
-CME ATH volume euphoria, Aurelius with the truth bomb
-Bitcoin Tre shows new job at Target, technically you still kinda lost your money, where Carlos Matos?
-Roger Ver “tortured in prison”
announces topless crypto intvws for , guest spots open. Peter McCormack rumored to start pantsless podcasts now

July 6

Vitalik:”centralized exch BURN IN HELL”

explains banks’ EVIL tactics vs crypto

-Sr. FB engineer now dir. of engineering, blockchain

-CSW: “code=law is dumb, reverse Google img search this!”

-WhalePanda:”most academics, journos, HF managers, influencers clueless on BTC”

-BIS “stop making cryptos” chief goes from shadowy overlord of financial system to living meme
-CobraBitcoin to Jihan: “Fuck off annoying cunt” (staged?)

-cacheboi, now cachiestboi: “fck jack” after suspension for “that Barry dick”

-Huobi launches Australian crypto exchange

July 5

-“China BTC tycoon bashes CZ, Qtum, Neo in secret recording”

-crypto exch Coindeal sponsors Premier League side Wolverhampton

-IRS international coalition vs crypto tax crime

-$740 MM IBM deal with AUS govt, blockchain part of it

-Bittrex, invest. com partnership for new digital trading platform

-BIS chief (not Bismuth but the bank): pls stop with cryptoz 🙁

-Needacoin is Lupe?
-XRP faces 3rd securities fraud lawsuit

-EOS called out here

-Europe’s largest ETF trader Flow Traders moves into crypto

-it’s a weekday so CSW caught bragging about fake: ‘authentic’ JPN WW2 surrender doc
-NY Post:BTC ded
@buymoonstuff is Lightning-powered crypto novelty store
govt of S Korea recognizes crypto exch as regulated fin. institutions
Crypto Ed:”if you see Achain shilled it’s prob paid, was offered free tokens”
:”I groan, how can I resist him when he’s preoccupied with the USD value” (bit like a 50 Shades )
-Bram Cohen, HaydenTiff, Bryce continue to throw down over Lightning, music industry
-$MFT Binance launch, shilling intensifies
TA now full serious mode: intern’s phone Coinbase screenshots replaced by Tradingview
“Syscoin blockchain not hacked”

July 4

-John Carvalho, Bryce, fluffypony, RippleTiffany, Bram Cohen in allout salt avalanche in Paul Krugman comments
-build on btc YT channel frozen, shilling of “YT killer” alts intensifies
-notsofast: CryptoMedicated offered paid group membership to RT message about alleged XHV P&D
-Binance trading to resume after hack of API, 96BTC/SYS, mining temp controlled to prevent rollback, 7000 BTC loot

-compensation offered, Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) now real
-Ripplers: don’t say XRP is Ripple. Everyone: still gonna.
-brah that’s inverse, RIP Med

July 3

-always check your crypto adresses: malware hijacks Windows clipboard, changes address
-Mir shows off Bitcoin Cash toilet paper

-India court upholds ban of crypto exchanges for business w/financial firms
-Bully esq blasphemes against real beer, sports, pizza
-Blue Protocol:”list of shitcoin vulnerabilities delayed after exchanges reach out, responsible disclosure”
-Vinny mocks Lightning, how will tweet age?
-marudust suggests 1 XTZ fan performs fellatio for fiat
-Bear mrkt hits hard, Jebus body weight crashes over 10%, when bounce?

July 2

-Coinbase Custody launches for institutional investors…shortly after I became [institutional]

-Calvin Ayre tweets are the new flat Earth tweets
-SEC charges 2 in illicit UBI Blockchain stock sale
-no new followers for loomdart in July
-scheduled CarpeNoctom tweets for 33K

-Ran Neuner excitedly posts pics of Ripple field trip
-Alistair Milne’s mum top of r/Bitcoin subreddit
-CNBC speaks of dead cryptos, alt season upon us?
-Max Keiser stays classy as he mocks Winston Churchill for being molested as a child (allegedly)
-Blue Protocol:”most of top 50 coins vulnerable to extremely destructive flaws, shitlist tomorrow”
-nic carter: money is no safety net for unstable protocols

-ant, barney reveal portfolio size <1BTC, stunt on demo traders
-KryptoKhalifa finds frog
-BambouClub shows SL benefits

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