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Singapore Overtakes United States in ICO Race


Singapore is the ICO Capitol

According to research conducted by blockchain analytics firm Elementus, Singapore has overtaken the United States in terms of monthly ICO launches for the first time ever. The most recent data in Elementus’s study spanned the month of August.

Singapore was home to 17 token sales in August, while the United States hosted 15. Singapore’s 17 initial coin offerings accounted for roughly 16% of the world’s total for August.

The country is known for technology and innovation and with progressive crypto regulations, it has been able to lure in crypto startups.


United States needs to act if they don’t want to fall behind

Less crypto startups are being founded in the United States because of unclear regulations. The US government has acted extremely slow on crypto regulations and now it’s starting to show.

Many experts agree that blockchain is bringing the next technological revolution and will have a significant impact on national economies. If the US wants to have a role in this disruption, it must establish more crypto-friendly regulations to recruit crypto startups back within its borders.

ICOs are becoming more competitive

It is apparent that ICOs are becoming more competitive. With less money to go around, fewer ICOs are having successful fundraisers.



CoinDesk Reveals Top 10 Blockchain Universities

CoinDesk has revealed the top 10 U.S. Universities for blockchain. The list was compiled using three criteria: the number of blockchain-related courses, the number of blockchain organizations on campus, and each school’s access to the blockchain technology industry.

The official rankings are here

1. Stanford University


2. University of California – Berkeley


3. New York University


4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5. Cornell University
6. Georgetown University
7. Harvard University
8. Duke University
9. Carnegie Mellon University
10. University of Pennsylvania

Blockchain talent is in demand

One major bottleneck to the blockchain boom is a lack of talent. As it is with any new technology, it is difficult to find people who have the technical knowledge. Crypto companies are constantly trying to recruit and train employees.

Students see this opportunity and are demanding crypto and blockchain classes from their universities. Schools are frantically trying to put together blockchain programs to capitalize on the new innovation.