So to kick off part 2 of our mining adventure we are going to dive into NVIDIA GPU’s.  The king of graphics.  But are they the king of mining? Lets find out!

As last time GPU prices are based off of Now in Stock and profitability is based off of What to Mine.

Special Mention

 Titan V

Price: $2,999

Best Algorithm: ETHASH

Profit per Day:  $4.36

ROI:  687 days

Hash Rate:  79 mh/s ETHASH

The reason I showed this card was to prove that price isn’t everything.  79 mh/s is great.  But for the price of one of these.  You can get 3 1080TI’s that would produce 105 mh/s.


  1. GTX 1080TI

Price:  $949.99

Best Algorithm: Lyra2REv2, Equihash

Profit per Day: $3.23

ROI:  294 Days

Hash Rate: 64,000 kh/s Lyra2REv2, 685 h/s Equihash

For pure hashing power the 1080TI is the king.  The only draw back is it’s price.  Unlike its AMD counterpart VEGA 64 who’s price has dropped $300, the 1080TI hasn’t budged.

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2. GTX 1080

 Price: $629.99

Best Algorithm: Lyra2REv2, Equihash

Profit per Day:  $2.35

ROI: 268 days

Hash Rate:  46,500 kh/s Lyra2REv2, 550 h/s Equihash

The non TI version is in a weird position.  It’s profit per day and ROI are not bad.  It also out performs its AMD counterpart the Vega 56 and is cheaper.  But its current price is hurting it. If it were priced around $579, it would drop your ROI to 246 days, and would be the most profitable card in mining.

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3. GTX 1070TI 

Price:  $569.99

Best Algorithm: Lyra2REv2, Equihash

Profit per Day:  $2.05

ROI: 278 Days

Hash Rate:  41,000 kh/s Lyra2REv2, 470 h/s Equihash

This is another powerful card that has the drawback of price again.  Yes for price to ROI and profit per day compared to the normal 1070, this is the best card NVIDIA offers for mining.  But if you can find new 1080’s, I feel they are the better choice.

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4. GTX 1070

 Price:  $499.99

Best Algorithm:  Lyra2REv2, Equihash

Profit per Day: $1.79

ROI: 279 Days

Hash Rate:  35,500 kh/s Lyra2REv2, 430 h/s Equihash

As the last of the NVIDIA mid range, the 1070 is a great buy if you can find it under MSRP.  There also isn’t as much of a performance gap between the 1070TI and 1070 as there are between the 1080’s.  This choice once again specifically falls on your budget.  If you can afford the extra $60 a card, you’ll net an extra $108 a year per card at current prices.

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5. GTX 1050TI

Price:  $199.99

Best Algorithm:  X16R, ETHASH

Profit per Day: $0.78

ROI:  156 days

Hash Rate: 4 mh/s X16R, 14 mh/s ETHASH

The GTX 1050TI is a great card to get your feet wet in the mining world.  For about $1400 you could build a 6 card mining rig, have it paid off in 299 days, and then you will be in profit from then on. Basically $1,708 a year, at current prices.

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In summary.  NVIDIA has the top performing GPU’s hands down.  But with that comes a premium and a higher price.  If you have the money then The 1080TI is king.  If you are in the Mid Range and want a lower price and better ROI time, the 1070TI is for you.  And if you are a miner on a budget, then grab a few 1050TI’s and get to mining!

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