So people keep asking me if GPU mining is still a profitable investment.  The short answer is yes. Is it as profitable as it was a few months ago? No.  But once the market turns around (and it will) your profitability and ROI (return on investment) will be much better.  Also GPU prices have dropped significantly as company’s have increased their stock.

These prices are all based off of what is available today using Now in Stock

Profitability based on What to Mine.

Also using base clock speeds. (BIOS flashing will be explained in a later article.

  1. RX Vega 64 8GB

Current price : $759.99

Best Algorithm: NeoScrypt

Profit per day: $2.79

ROI:  272 days

Hash Rate: 2000 kh/s NeoScrypt 40 mh/s ETHASH

Vega 64 is the Mining king for AMD.  Bios flashing will also cause a significant bump over stock hash rates up to 44 mh/s ETHASH and 2200 kh/s for NeoScrypt

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2. RX Vega 56 8GB

Current price:  $679.99

Best Algorithm:  NeoScrypt

Profit per day:  $2.20

ROI: 309 days

Hash Rate: 1600kh/s NeoScrypt 36.5 mh/s ETHASH

Vega 56 is a close second to the VEGA 64.  With overclocking you can get speeds very close to the Vega 64.  But the VEGA 64 overclocked will blow this card out of the water.

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3. RX 580 8GB

Current price : $369.99

Best Algorithm:  ETHASH

Profit per day:  $1.64

ROI: 225 days

Hash Rate: 30.5 mh/s ETHASH

The RX 580 is still the best bang for your buck card on the market. Bios flashing will net you around 33.5 mh/s.  It is an older card but when it comes to price, ROI, and Ethereum hashing power its hard to beat.

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4. RX 570 8GB

Current price: $329.99

Best Algorithm:  ETHASH

Profit per day: $1.52

ROI:  217 days

Hash Rate: 27.5 mh/s ETHASH

The RX 570 is a very close second to the RX 580 and is a better option if you can actually find them.  An RX 570 can be bios flashed to an RX580.  But as stated before an RX580 flashed will out perform it.

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5. RX 560 4GB – The miner on a budget

Current price:  $159.99

Best Algorithm: ETHASH

Profit per day: $0.85

ROI: 188 days

Hash Rate: 15 mh/s ETHASH

The RX 560 is a great card for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and wants to get into the world of mining.  You could build a 6 card rig for about $1300 and it would be paid off in about 254 days.

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In summary, if you have the money, a Vega 64 will net you the most profit in the long run.  An RX 580 setup has the best profit to ROI ratio.  And the RX 560 will get your foot in the door to start your mining journey.  As a reminder AMD will be releasing new cards by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for my Top 5 NVIDIA Mining cards review.


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