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My TL;DR: A +10 million TPS specialized blockchain for running dApps, which are created in a visual interface and plain English, rather than via writing code. 

Creating applications without knowing how to write code is a very powerful lure. Everyone wants to be the next Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, without really knowing how. I once wrote a “Hello, world!” application and got a blue screen, so the thought excites me as well. The idea has been reiterated across every digital hype cycle, from PC software to mobile apps, and now to the blockchain.

Sparkster wants to build a visual development environment for dApps. They claim that, without knowing how to write any code, you can just drag and drop stuff around and create dApps or smart contracts. The output is called Smart Software, and it runs on-top of the Sparkster specialized blockchain, or decentralized cloud, as they call it. A piece of Smart Software can end up executing Ethereum smart contracts and IOTA Smart Transactions, and the roadmap includes NEO, Cardano and Stellar.

The Sparkster cloud is a network of Compute Nodes, such as mobile phones or PCs, which reach consensus via the Stellar Consensus Protocol. That’s basically local consensus among devices, organized as cells, which trust one another. So each cells trust every other cell, and consensus is only reached locally in the respective cell. Each cell is capable of 1.000 TPS, in theory, and when you multiply that by the number of cells in the Sparkster blockchain, you get the +10 million TPS figure they boast.

What I like:

  • Visual programming is the holy grail
  • 10 million TPS is very fashionable in today’s ICO market
  • Hyped by Ian Balina after Sparkster did great at one of his events
  • Decent team and advisors


What I dislike:

  • I tried out the demo for visual programming, it’s by far not at easy as they claim.
  • There are no examples of apps created with this, stuff I can use, so I can see results by expert hands, instead of letting my imagination fill in the gaps
  • The localized cells are centralized databases sharing a communications protocol, schema and ID, not a truly decentralized environment
  • The 10 million TPS, visual programming and decentralized cloud are fake hype generators and something else entirely in reality


I think the ICO will raise its $30mn – a lot of green flags such as ten million billion TPS, programming without knowing how to, Ian Balina is shilling it, etc. Visual programming, however, is still programming. Even if writing code is not necessary, a programmer’s mindset is needed. If it were easy, we’d all be rich, who wouldn’t want to earn what software developers make? But not all of us can, even if more of us definitely should.

The 10 million TPS is basically fancy wording. Microsoft SQL could claim billions of gazillions, if compared: they too provide high performance databases that only speak to one another when needed. Also, calling a blockchain with smart contracts capability a decentralized cloud is just a marketing thing. Everything about this project is just a marketing thing, including the CEO having Cisco listed under his name everywhere, for working 2 years as a support engineer 15 years ago. I will avoid the Sparkster ICO.