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Welcome to another week in CryptoTwitter.  You can use our support email for any questions.  The salt is gone unless you lead developer on twitter.  Permabulls are back for the summer and the ETF.  Bears are here to tell you the ETF is an old narrative and don’t expect it to get aproved.  Also CNBC is publishing year old news, editing on the fly, and just hours before future contracts close.

What we Learned

Dont hold alts to the bottom
1k Pumps and people call for 50k
ETF is just a “Narrative”
CNBC hates Bitcoin

Future contracts closing pumps BTC
People dont learn from the past

Crypto Twitter winners


Trading Volume on Bitmex

Crypto Twitter Losers

Charles Hoskinson
ETFS from last year
Poloniex Bags



Bulls are back



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