Welcome to another week in Crypto Twitter. Been a great week for Bitcoin. Coinbase maybe thinking about adding new coins and securities.   Pomp is back on twitter.  The virus is spreading.  \

What We learned this week

  • Everyone is a Paid Shill
  • Pomp is back to pump
  • People are mad about being called Shills
  • Kazonomics got banned from twitter
  • Mercury Protocol became a “Customer Token”
  • Bitcoin is killing alts
  • CT bought alts to soon
  • Coinbase still cant list securities (RIP XRP)
  • Pineapple Pizza really pisses people off
  • Waffles > pancakes
  • BTC is killing Alts
  • BTC went up a lot and now instant bulls


  • @Shillexed
  • Pomp
  • Bitcoin holders who are now only down 70% compared to 80%
  • #LookatmeIamNaval


  • Altcoin Holders
  • Kazonomics
  • Mercury Protocol Investors
  • XRP holders
  • Tobacco Coin



BTC to Alts ^

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