(Chugs a pint of beer from an Erlenmeyer flask)

(Takes shot of whiskey from a beaker)

(Spills some on lab coat)

(Spins maniacally around in chair)

Oh hey! Didn’t see you there. Welcome to cryptocurrency chemistry class! Today in class we will be covering the Periodic Table of Crypto.

In this extremely fast paced cryptocurrency world, the landscape is changing all the time. For example, since the time of this writing (May 16th 2018) total crypto market cap is down about $20 Million.

I wanted to create a cheat sheet visualization of sorts to help follow the evolution and growth (or decline for you bears out there) of the market place and the projects within it.


This will be the first installment of a visualization that I will update on a quarterly basis based on the top 118 ranked coins on coinmarketcap.com. Why 118 you ask? That’s how many elements are on the periodic table.

Each one of these boxes can be read according to the following key.

In each quarterly update, I will break down the biggest movers and shakers and the biggest losers from the previous version. In addition I have categorized some projects by their respective uses as identified by the color key. This may allow us to identify some trends in project types in the market as well.

Upon making this graphic I learned some things about the market myself, mainly, that I don’t know what half of these damn coins are, or what their purpose is. Secondly, that there are a lot of lower cap gems out there that are way undervalued and much more deserving than some of this junk.

I want to give a shout out to @kryptokhalifa for helping me make this a little more visually appealing with the space theme.

I hope you enjoy the cheat sheet. Class dismissed.

Until Next Time,


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