Goldman Sachs’ has hired a new CEO, David Soloman. Soloman previous position as COO to Goldman Sachs’ was accompanied for his love for being a DJ. Lets just say the average COO/ Incoming CEO isn’t a DJ. His stage name is DJ- D SOl. He has been with the company since 2006.

Is this a man we want running one of the largest investments banks in the world?

For the average Crypto Investor I would say yes.


As the CEO in an age of new technology you must want to get ahead of a new technology so groundbreaking most investment banks are unsure how to make their next moves. A lot of their customers are sure to be calling everyday to talk more and more about Crypto investing. As we reach a ATH bull run for the US stock market it seems like investors in the stock market are watching the Crypto markets closer as we reach an all time low price range for 2018 CryptoCurrencies.

Giving their investors a Short/Long trading experience with margin trading will give more day traders and swing traders a more comfortable experience in trading. As most experienced traders have no interest in trading without margin. Bitmex being one of the only options for future trading and not being allowed in the US, I believe this has impacted price in some way.

How can Goldman Sachs’ take Crypto trading “beyond futures trading”?

  • They can issue a wallet with insurance backing your Crypto investment.
  • They can make USD-Crypto trading more accessible to the public, being one of the first US Investment Banks could give them an important edge As the public would have a feeling of relief when one of the biggest names joins the team.
  • They can hire traders to actively maintain their larger investors portfolio, while also creating a product for average investors.

If anything I believe this is a rare opportunity for Goldman Sachs’ To take lead of the United States crypto market catering to larger investors and smaller ones.

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