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One day on Twitter I stumbled across a new way users can buy and sell art on the Etheruem Blockchain. The “The Book of Pepe” had just launched & sold out in 60 seconds. I was amazed because I hadn’t seen a product or a demand for digital art before in Crypto.

I was amazed with the idea of owning digital art, mostly because their memes were relatable to almost anyone who constantly uses Social Media. Owning art securely, without having to worry about constant threat of theft or damage to the product that you may have spent hard earned money on, is ideal for most buyers.

Some of their art has nothing to do with Crypto and focuses on real life discussions around the world. During The N. Korea and U.S. Summit, Pepedapp launched two new cards for the two leaders. This is a great example of how art can be used to tell our history to our future generations in a unique and different way. Since they can never be destroyed, they provide a value that is unbeatable compared to physical artwork.


The Book of Pepe sold out in 60 seconds

What is PepeDapp?


“ In PepeDapp, users share, buy and sell the dankest frog on the internet. Players can collect Pepes and share them with their friends, or resell them in the marketplace. While PepeDapp isn’t a digital currency, it does offer the same security: each Card is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you. It cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.”

How do I buy a PepeDapp card?

Step 1: Download MetaMask’s chrome extension or the Cipher app on The Apple Store.


Step 2: Create an account


Step 3: Go on the marketplace and Purchase.


Much more at PepeDapps’s Marketplace


The Community:

The greatest thing about Blockchain and Crypto products is the community built around it. Some communities built around blockchain technology can be toxic while others can be a great place to meet and share ideas to help improve the community.

PepeDapp is a great example of using their community to build and help make Blockchain bigger than anyone ever thought could be possible. At the time of writing this, their Telegram has over 1800+ members while their Twitter has 3400 and more users.

They are consistently selling out during their launches and, as the community keeps growing. the demand for the their products grows rapidly. They are beginning to release more and more pepes while taking ideas from the community. That is what is truly beautiful about a product such as this. They care about their community, that’s hard to find nowadays.


Interview with Frog West(Coin Yeezy) & Crypto Randy Marsh

Coinyeezy is a Twitter personality, software entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor. Yeezy has founded and contributed to many successful projects in the crypto space including:,,, and most recently

Crypto Randy Marsh is a lover of bitcoin and blockchain entrepreneur. Through projects including PepeDapp, Dapplife, Honeyminer and others, Randy has established himself in the industry as a knowledgeable advisor and product builder.

Interview with Frog West(Coin Yeezy)& Crypto Randy Marsh

Coinyeezy is a Twitter personality, software entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor. Yeezy has founded and contributed to many successful projects in the crypto space including:,,, and most recently

Crypto Randy Marsh is a lover of bitcoin and blockchain entrepreneur. Through projects including PepeDapp, Dapplife, Honeyminer and others, Randy has established himself in the industry as a knowledgeable advisor and product builder.

Interview Questions

Q: Will you ever make more Digital Art series that are not based on the Pepe meme?

Randy: “We won’t rule anything out, but Pepe is the greatest meme of all time.”

Yeezy: “Yes we have thought about other Art beside Pepe’s. At this time we just got dank pepes.”

Q: While I was diving deep into the community built around your product. It seemed that to people PepeDapp is more than a meme. When creating PepeDapp what was your vision/goal and would you do anything different now?

Randy: “We wanted to explore the world of meme marketplaces and provable ownership around memes. This is basically something that has never been established in the world, and we’re wondering if we can push it forward to see if a real meme economy can exist as status quo.”

Yeezy: “The goal was to create a product / platform where people could buy and trade digital cards / art. We ended up with Pepe Cards because there had been a pepe card that shut down recently. It was a big inspiration so we wanted to carry on the torch.”

Q: A lot of the time people have trouble with following through with their ideas, What gave you the push to be so passionate about this project?

A: Randy: “We’re passionate about blockchain. Speaking for myself, I love what I do. If I could have any job in the world I would choose mine. So that’s where the passion comes from — the drive to be the best at creating and developing successful blockchain applications. Blockchain IS going to change the world, and the way we interact digitally, this, to me, is a fact. We just need to find ways to further adoption and move mind share into the space. Any way we can get new people interested is a success in my book.”

Yeezy : “I am a experienced entrepreneur and have building software products for 8 years. My first business was a software consulting company while I was studying at Purdue University.”

Q: How did the both of you come think of creating PepeDapp ? What was the process like and how long did it take to make PepeDapp a reality?

Randy: “Making PepeDapp a reality was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. We concepted everything early, vetted developers and built a product in around 3 months. It was and continues to be an awesome experience”.

Yeezy: We knew we wanted to put art on the blockchain and we knew Ethereum was the best place at the time to build it. So we started talking and mapping out the idea. Within a couple months we had put together a team and had the prototype ready!

Q: What does your product mean to the both of you? What makes PepeDapp Special?

Randy: Well, PepeDapp is our baby. We want to see how far we can take it. If Pokemon can do 15 billion, why can’t we?

Yeezy: PepeDapp is special because the art. Cryptodrawz is a very talented creator and we knew he would do a great job. People love memes and the idea of being able to “own” a meme is something that is new and fun.

Q: What was your team’s reaction to how well the first release went?

Randy: “Lol. Yeah, that was crazy. We thought this was going to be a slow process, our goal for the first release was to prove that we could sell 1 card. Obviously, we have done thousands since, but all it did was prove that we have something — and that’s all we needed it to do. Now that we know there’s a market, we can move forward into the evolution of the game.”

Yeezy: “We sold out the Book of Pepe cards in what felt like 60 seconds. That was obviously unexpected and really exciting for us.”

How does the Blockchain make the cards you buy secure and gives the buyer full custody of that card?

Randy: “The blockchain is an immutable ledger. It tracks every card sale and knows the address of every card owner. It’s amazing. It allows our users to prove that they own this trading card digitally, similar to showing someone your personal pokemon collection. It’s there, it’s yours — you can do whatever you want with it.”

Yeezy: “The blockchain is this big ledger of TX. When a PepeDapp card is created, it’s assigned a unique ID on the Ethereum blockchain that allows individuals to own that card as well as easily transfer / sell it to others. You can think of Ethereum as the “backend” to PepeDapp.”

Q: Are you guys planning a meetup for the community members in the future?

Randy: “Never considered it. Sounds like a good idea though. We are probably going to have booths at upcoming conferences. Stay tuned.”

Yeezy: “We don’t have any meetups planned but would definitely be a good time!”

Q: Who does the main artwork?

Randy & Yeezy: The best pepe artist in the world — @cryptodrawz

Q: What was the most difficult challenge you faced while creating PepeDapp. What past experiences or mistakes got you to where you are today?

Randy: “Lots of challenges, we created a web application on the blockchain and launched it successfully. It’s not an easy thing to do or everyone would do it.”

Yeezy: “The most difficult challenge is keeping up with the community and requests of new features. It’s a lot of work and development takes time. So we have to be realistic and just keep making progress each day”.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to create a product on Blockchains?

Randy– “DO IT! Just do it. Just don’t spend too much of your own cash, I think a big mistake people make when starting a business is that they spend a ton of money before they even know their product is a good idea. I know this from experience. Test your product. Test the market. Prove value. From there you can take funding or bring on more people.”

“Marketing is probably the hardest part. It’s not easy to get your product in front of the people that want to use it. It costs a lot of money. We were lucky enough to have amazing followers that wanted to be a part of what we’re trying to build. It’s a really tight community and everyone is cool af.”

Yeezy: “I would recommenced starting small. Just go out and build something, anything. Even if you made a simple dice game on Ethereum, that is a great place to start to understand the development environment. We are very lucky to have a great developer on the project.”



The Team behind PepeDapp




PepeDapp is a genuine and attractive collectible to anyone who loves Pepe memes. Its future is run by a great and enthusiastic team that loves and believes in what they do. While continuing to make exciting new projects as well. The community surrounding Pepedapp is truly unique and a huge factor to its success.

Something I envision for the future of Dapp’s are that renowned or amateur artist’s can use these platforms to make artwork without the hard work that comes along with marketing it. Another way, is that artists can promote their physical art work with also providing a Digital Card proving ownership and past transactions for that product.


The future is bright with endless possibilities.

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