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What is Coin Plan ?

“CoinPlan is an end-to-end crypto wealth management platform. We enable investors to manage their entire portfolio, monitor market performance and invest in pre-built, thematic portfolios. Our mission is to increase the adoption of blockchain projects by building a community around wealth management in crypto.”

A general summary of what CoinPlan has created is this: it is a portfolio management software. Its software uses your account API keys to simplify the way you invest your money. Most buyers in the Crypto market will have to go on an exchange and find coins they think are good investments, while others turn to paid groups or twitter accounts who use Technical Analysis. CoinPlan uses your exchanges API key to track your portfolio while also using their own pre-existing indexes.

One day, I decided I wanted to experiment and see how everything worked, so I asked for access and my own Crypto Index. Once I got access I was impressed with their platform.

Ways to keep track of your coins and portfolio.

Their platform is very simple and informative as most exchanges don’t show such a detailed look at your portfolio. CoinPlan provides that, while creating a simple index for the average investor to have a diversified portfolio and monitor its progress.

You can monitor your portfolio without having to go through the hassle of checking the exchanges every day.

So I decided to have a conversation with their CEO Ryan Berkun.

Here is Ryan’s Bio:

“Ryan is a Self-taught software developer and Crypto enthusiast, Ryan is the founder and CEO of CoinPlan — focusing on wealth management in the cryptocurrency space. Ryan has experience building tech startups from the ground up. He launched his first iOS app at the age of eighteen and has gone on to build a number of fintech platforms, including machine learning algorithms for investing in cash equities.”

Q: Will you your customers be able to create their own customer index in the future?

A: Yes! We’re working on a portfolio builder section for more active users.

Q: Will you ever have your own marketplace For example buying and selling on your platform, through the exchanges api?

A: Yes — that is the goal. We had that exact marketplace you speak of on our old platform Digital Golgi and will be incorporating into the CoinPlan platform.

The six exchanges that will be added on

Q: What makes your product superior than your competitors , what do you bring to the table they can’t?

A: We’re bridging the gap between the exchanges — with trading functionality, but no clear portfolio monitoring — and portfolio trackers — with portfolio monitoring, but no trading functionality. We not only bring portfolio monitoring and investing functionality together, but also offer unique ways of investing into the Crypto market (eg. the curated, thematic portfolios)

Q: How does CoinPlan secure your funds using API keys?

A: With API access, we never hold custody of your funds. Taking security a step further, we don’t actually hold your API keys. When you enter the keys, our enhanced security software encrypts the information and stores the encrypted key on your device.

Q: What are CoinPlan’s future goals within this space & the next 1–5 years?

A: Our goals are to be a multi coin wallet with integration of security tokens and digital assets. We aim to be the most simple way for a new investor be allocated in the crypto market.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current market and volatility of crypto

A: Relative to the cash equities market, the crypto market is tiny. The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is half that of Apple alone. Volatility is a natural outcome of such a small market with limited liquidity.

Q: What can the average user expect from being a customer of your product?

A: The average user can expect a seamless experience investing in cryptocurrency through our platform. With curated portfolios based on thought leaders (eg. The BGCI), we remove not only the leg work of buying into coins, but also some of the guess work too. The new tools we’re developing will allow more active investors to build their own portfolio and buy over 300 coins.

Pros & Cons


· CoinPlan is an easy tool for new and average investors who want to monitor and manage their portfolios without having to go on exchanges.

· They have a custody free approach to their platform, using API keys to keep your exchange information safe.

· The average person can use the crypto index instead of having to do their own in depth research .

· They are creating a buying and sell feature to their platform, which is a good step to giving their users more options.

· Six Exchanges will be added giving more options for the index.


· CoinBase has a similar product, although you cannot make custom index’s or have access to the same amount of coins. CoinBase has a great deal of customers and is more recognized in the crypto community.

· It may not be useful for day traders or people who constantly buy and sell coins for profit to use. Due to the fact that the platform is currently limited to pre-existing indexes.

· There is no wallet (I have been told that they are working on a custody free wallet for their users).

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