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Hello, Hello, Hello!

Welcome to the first installment of, Show Me Your Shitcoin Chart brought to you by Whale Reports.

I will be your gracious host, @btcbereal (AKA. BitcoinBeReal, a.k.a Be).  The goal is to just keep it real. No tricks, not selling you anything…just a normal guy who ended up down #ShitCoinCreek.

I’d like to spend 10-15 mins every day, or every other day to review recent price action in some of my favorite shit coins.

About Myself:

I got into bitcoin toward the beginning of 2017…. I have had my fair share of shit coin exposure so far  *cough cough* $XVG *Cough* $BCN  You name a shit coin, odds are I’ve traded it at some point.

Since no one has technically shown me their shit coin chart yet, I will show you mine! 🙂 $NPXS

Check out the video and feel free to snap shot me some of your charts! Some of them might make the next recording!



BTC Be Real