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Crypto Twitter Run Club

If you’ve been on Twitter recently you may have seen #DecentralizedDash10k or #10Krypto being tossed around.  Born from a meme, like all brilliant ideas, Crypto Twitter Run Club is gathering community members from all walks of life. Their purpose is to support and cheer each other on to personal fitness goals.

Started by @FomobyDick and @D1rtyDan this project gained over a 100 members in their Telegram group in just a few short weeks. They have set up a 10 kilometer road race taking place on October 22, 2018. Did I mention it was decentralized? Runners from all over the world will be competing via Run Share apps available through Google Play and Apple Store.

Its not just for bragging rights, although being Crypto’s fastest nerd should be a title we all should aspire to, prizes will be awarded. A myriad of sponsors have already signed up, including Uptown Robot, Krypticrooks, and Plouton Mining Group. There is even an Airdropped participation gift provided by Cryptovsmetals .

Whether you are talking about Bitcoin or @10krypto, the only run you regret is the one you skipped. Registration forms and a full list of sponsors and upcoming events are available at and the Telegram group is

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