So as I keep posting articles, and gain a further reach with my following,  there are still certain things I keep hearing that is complete mining FUD.

“It’s too Expensive”

“It’s not profitable”

“It’s to complicated to put together”

Just some of the misinformation out there.  As a service to the community, I am now providing a weekly one click build.  There will be multiple tiers for multiple budgets.  From A $525 wood frame single card to a $10,000 1080ti RGB behemoth.

Todays build is one you may have seen floating around Telegram of Twitter.  Its a 6 card RX 570 build that is right around $2,010 USD


Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 570 4GB

Price:  $1,440 for 6 cards

Hash rate: 168mh/s on Ethash with bios flash (28hm/s x6)

Profitability:  $114.60 a month @ .10c per kwh USD

The RX570 is hands down the best bang for you buck GPU for mining right now.  The price, profit and ROI can’t be beat.  And with a BIOS flash you can undervolt these cards to around 100w





ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPU Mining Motherboard 

Price:  $118.99

This motherboard in my opinion is tried and true.  I’ve never had an issue.  And it supports 13 gpus if you want to expand later.






Intel Celeron G4900 Desktop Processor 2 Core 3.1GHz 

Price: $42

Plenty of processing power for any rig







Power Supply

EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 80+ GOLD, 1300W

Price: $179.99

1300W PSU.  Plenty for your 6 card setup and fully modular to aid in cable management.








Patriot Memory Viper Elite Series DDR4 4GB 2133MHz

Price:  $41.99

Reputable brand and great price for DDR4 2133mhz







Samsung V-NAND SSD 850 SATA III 6Gb/s 120GB

Price:  $62

SSD’s are the way to go for mining rigs.  And you can’t go wrong with SAMSUNG.  Especially at this price.







VICTONY 6-Pack PCIe Riser Mining Card 6-Pin PCI-E 16x to 1x 

Price:  $35.99

These are the risers I use.  And they have sweet blue LED’s on the riser and PCI connections.







6 GPU Mining Rig Case

Price:  $79.98

Great 6 card frame.  All hardware and fans included.  Also stackable if you want to buy another 6 cards and need to save space.







So lets crunch the numbers.  The price of this rig comes to $2,010 USD.  At current market prices it will earn $3.76 a day on Ethash at .10c per KWH USD.  This means it will earn you $1,372 a year and puts current ROI at 534 days.  I know that sounds terrible.  But, if you are purchasing a mining rig, then you know we aren’t going to stay at these prices.  If we only 2x from here that will still cut your ROI in half to 267 days and bring your yearly total to $2744.

Purchase this rig in it’s entirety here

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