the FREE simulated cryptocurrency exchange and community is
launching an unique feature that allows traders the ability to cash out their
“play dollar profits” for real Bitcoin over the lightning network and directly to their wallets.

The new payout feature being launched by is designed to introduce those new to the space to not only the Bitcoin Lightning Network but is also meant to reward their community of global traders for ongoing crypto and blockchain education by way of trading cryptocurrencies successfully.

The new feature is completely free for all community members to participate in and as the platform continues to grow, the payouts will only get larger, the team says.

The notion of “earn to learn” has been around for some time, but the Niffler team always felt it ran a little short of what it’s name suggested. The goal of the new payout feature was to kill two birds with one stone. The first notion was to reward new and experienced traders for their successful trading habits by better understanding the day to day issues that come up in the space like market volatility or the need to “Do your own research” (DYOR) etc. Secondly, the team believes that the new payout feature is also a great way to help onboard those new to the cryptocurrency space and in particular Bitcoin, by allowing them to get their first taste of owning small fractions Bitcoin (Satoshi) and also getting their first opportunity to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network by way of a lightning network enabled wallet of their choice.

How’s it work?

The process is pretty simple, new users simply register on the site for free,
the platform then issues each trader $100k USD in play dollars to start with.
From there, traders can easily research projects directly on the platform, view project announcements, their trading history etc and ultimately decide which they would like to invest in.

How to redeem free bitcoin on

Over time and by growing their main portfolio and play dollars wisely & consistently while also earning success badges along the way, traders will have the opportunity to redeem those play dollar profits for Bitcoin once they have secured a Lightning Enabled wallet to get paid instantly .

Education Equals Adoption is the perfect launchpad for aspiring cryptocurrency traders looking to develop their skills and experience before investing their own capital as well as being a home to experienced traders looking to hone their existing skills by offering both basic and advanced trading features. By using “play dollars” to trade with and having the ability to get feedback on your trades from more experienced traders, direct messaging, multiple portfolios for different strategies, on-site charting, trade histories, the ability to add videos, articles, ability to add your TradingView charts and monitor your trades while they play out in real time, with live market prices, and now lightning network payouts becoming one of their stand out features, the Niffler team believes they bring something very different to the table from other simulated exchanges

Payout modal on

The platform currently offers simulated trades for an initial selection of 16
cryptocurrencies or trading pairs including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Ravencoin, TUBE, EOS, Steem etc with plans to introduce further altcoins in the coming weeks. Crypto projects interested in listing their tokens as trading pairs on are also invited to reach out to team directly. has big plans in the pipeline including launching their upcoming iOS app (Android coming soon), even more trading functionality, new trading pairs, an education center not to unlike Udemy and a few surprises that aim to change the way new traders are introduced to the cryptocurrency trading space and how experienced traders can continue to hone their skills. Needless to say, the team is not only excited about the next phase of the platforms growth, but equally as excited for the projected growth of entire crypto and blockchain space as a whole.