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What is ZenCash?

ZenCash is a privacy focussed platform, sustained by a network of miners, secure nodes, and added as of late, super nodes.

Privacy is achieved by the zero-knowledge Succinct Non-interactive ARguments of Knowledge (zk-SNARKs) technology, together with a decentralized network of secure nodes and super nodes.

Coin Specs

  • Algorithm: EquiHash
  • Max Supply: 21,000,000 ZEN
  • Blockreward: 12,5 ZEN (70% for Miners/10% Secure Nodes/10% Super Nodes/10% treasury fund to pay for development/marketing/integrations)
  • Block Time: 2,5 Minutes
  • Current Supply: 4,444,238
  • Inflation: 7,200 ZEN per day/2,628,000 ZEN per Year until Block Reward Halving (Halving every     4 years)
  • Launch Date: May 30th, 2017
  • Transactions via T addresses (regular) and Z addresses (private)

$ZEN Chart

Secure Node requirements:

  • 42 ZEN in a transparent address
  • 92% Uptime or more (connection to the ZenCash Network)
  • Enough processing power and memory to perform a computational challenge in under 300 seconds
  • Not falling behind the current block height by 4 blocks or more

Rewards for ZenCash Secure Nodes are paid out every 576 Blocks, so every 24 hours.

What do Secure Nodes do?

They allow for fully end-to-end encrypted communication, providing privacy, security and integrity.

These encrypted communications prevent the differentiation of Secure Node network traffic from standard encrypted communications (for example connecting to a secure website)

Secure Nodes helped Zen become one of the most decentralized networks existing in Crypto right now.

At this very moment, 12,842 ZEN Secure Nodes are connected to the blockchain.

You can check Secure Node Stats here.






Super Node Operators need higher requirements compared to Secure Node Operators.

Super Node requirements:

  • 500 ZEN in a transparent address
  • 96% Uptime or more
  • 8 GB Ram memory or more
  • At least 4 CPU Cores (to achieve computational challenges in under 150 seconds)
  • 100 GB of storage capacity or more
  • Not falling behind the current block height by 4 blocks or more

Same as for ZenCash Secure Nodes, rewards for Super Nodes are paid out every 576 Blocks.

What will Super Nodes do?

ZenCash Super Nodes will manage key network and system functions, as well as hosting multiple services on sidechains.

On top of that, they will track and measure Secure Node uptime, and queue the node payment schedule for miners.

Super Nodes will host sidechains and decentralized Applications (dApps) can be built upon the Super Node Network.

Essentially, Super Nodes and their network will introduce sidechaining and platform applications, augmenting ZenCash from a privacy currency to a privacy focussed platform.

These functions are estimated to be implemented Q1 2019.

Brand Expansion

Since the inception of ZenCash (little over a year ago), the ZenCash team has achieved over 80% of their initial whitepaper goals.

With the addition of Super Nodes, ZenCash has become more than just a currency.

It has become a platform, with potential dApps being built on the ZenCash platform.

Due to the recent changes of not only being a currency anymore, ZenCash will expand their brand to better represent what they are and stand for.

The date for the reveal of the new brand is set for the 22nd august 2018.

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