From ZenCash to Horizen

If you’ve read my latest article about ZenCash, Introduction to ZenCash,  you’d know that ZenCash was planning on expanding their brand as Horizen.

This finally happened yesterday, on August 22nd.

With the addition of Super Nodes and their added utilities (released step by step), ZenCash won’t only be a cryptocurrencie anymore, but it’s transforming into a privacy focussed platform capable of hosting dApps on their sidechains on top of the Super Node Network, called Horizen.

Extract from “Introduction to ZenCash

“What will Super Nodes do?

Supernodes will manage key network and system functions, as well as hosting multiple services on sidechains.

On top of that, they will track and measure Secure Node uptime, and queue the node payment schedule for miners.

Super Nodes will host sidechains and decentralized Applications (dApps) can be built upon the Super Node Network.

Essentially, Super Nodes and their ntwork will introduce sidechaining and platform applications, augmenting ZenCash from a privacy currency to a privacy focussed platform.

These functions are estimated to be implemented Q1 2019.”


Due to this expansion, ZenCash and their community felt as if the name wouldn’t accurately represent the project itself anymore.

Because of this, the brandexpansion to Horizen felt needed, and so ZenCash expanded on august 22nd.

New Logo

The ticker $ZEN will remain due to the distinct spelling of “HORIZEN“.

The official website can now be found under

The brand expansion includes an updated website with new graphics representing Horizen in a way they feel right, and updated social media accounts.

Together with the expansion, Rob Viglione, President and Co-Founder of Horizen, has put together a video explaining why Horizen was the right step, and what Horizen aims to provide in the future.

Check it out:

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