Every coin goes up in a bull market, but it’s a lot harder for a coin to go from $100M to $500M than it is for a coin to go from $10M to $50M. They are both 500% gains, but one takes $400M and the other takes only $40M…so which one would you rather be holding in a bull market?

This is an unconventional strategy to buy at the cheapest of prices.

Dare to try it?

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Some Current Issues with ICOs:

  • ICO prices are increasing.
  • Bonuses aren’t as lucrative.
  • Increasing regulation is making it tougher qualify.
  • Bounty programs and other promos are dishing out free tokens— causing some ICOs to dump the second tokens are unlocked.

I will use a recent ICO that I bought into as an example. I bought CopyTrack (CPY) at $1.00 ICO price (23M circulating supply) and immediately after the tokens were unlocked, CPY dumped 80% below ICO price to $0.20 on IDEX. Why would CPY bag holders sell so quickly, and why would they continue to sell that low? It’s because they are selling their free tokens that they got through either pre-sale bonus or through another promo, such as a bounty program. They don’t care if they’re selling their tokens super cheap, they were free in the first place…and after the last couple months of tough losses across the board, people are getting impatient, they are panicking, and they are dumping their ICOs within the first hour of their tokens being unlocked.

I have been watching this trend happen over and over again as new ICO tokens are unlocked by scanning exchanges like IDEX, Etherdelta, Tidex, and Gate.io. Each day, a few more tokens are listed on each of these exchanges. Why can they immediately be listed on these exchanges after the ICO unlock? Because exchanges like IDEX and ED are decentralized and don’t require a rigorous “listing process” like you will see with other exchanges like Binance. So basically, if you participated in a pre-sale and got a 50% bonus, you could immediately load your free tokens onto exchanges like IDEX seconds after they are unlocked by the company, and then instantly dump them for Ethereum.

So what does this mean for us Koozi?

This means that we have the ability to go buy ICOs on small exchanges BELOW THE ICO PRICE and potentially below the pre-sale price. That’s how hard these coins are dumping in the first few hours or days.

Some benefits of using this strategy:

  • By avoiding buying into ICOs, you don’t have to worry about having your funds locked up. No more waiting for tokens to unlock, and no more waiting for them to list on exchanges.
  • You now have the ability to buy tokens for ICOs that you originally couldn’t qualify for. For example, if your country didn’t allow you to buy an ICO, or you couldn’t qualify for the pre-sale due to not being a US Accredited Investor, you can avoid missing out by buying these tokens after they unlock and dump on an exchange like IDEX.
  • This also gives you the ability to buy tokens of ICOs that you simply missed out on buying. For example, I missed the Refereum (RFR) ICO, ended up catching it while it was dumping on IDEX at .0000227 ETH, and sold it at .0000377 ETH hours later as it started pumping up.
  • You probably won’t have to worry about verifying your identity. Any legit ICO is using some sort of KYC now, and you want to remain anonymous, buying into ICOs is becoming more and more of a pain.

Another example is when CREDITS (CS) listed on IDEX. This was not even listed on CMC yet but it was already being dumped just like Refereum. It dumped to around .0002 ETH and shot up to almost .001 , almost a 500% gain in less than 72 hours. There were some massive shills that pumped this highly speculative coin, and it would have made for a nice flip.

A handful of new ICOs are unlocked and dumped almost everyday on these exchanges, so this strategy can be repeated over and over again each week. If you do your homework, pick coins that are solid ICOs, and wait for them to dump on IDEX/ED before getting listed on more legitimate exchanges, you can avoid buying into the ICO altogether.

Please keep in mind that this is not a strategy I would suggest in a bear market. In a bear market, people retreat to the high marketcap coins like BTC, ETH, LTC and lose confidence to buy lower volume, microcap coins. However, in a bull market, this is arguably the most lucrative strategy out there so far, and I have seen a few people turn thousands into millions within weeks by using this strategy.

What do I need for this?

  • Private ERC20 compatible wallet. I suggest Metamask, as it links up to IDEX easily and is pretty simple to use.
  • Get familiar with IDEX, EtherDelta, Tidex, Gate.io and similar exchanges where these coins are listing first.
  • Check https://www.coinmarketcap.com/new/ religiously. Be aware that CMC is sometimes behind on listings by a few days to even a few months. The best gems actually list on exchanges way before listing on CMC.
  • Check https://www.icodrops.com or a similar website. I check for key factors like ICO price, pre-sale price, current price, marketcap, and circulating supply before I even bother using my time to research the actual company.
  • Make sure that the coin you are buying into has legitimate volume (compared to the rest of the exchange). If nobody is trading the coin, it either hasn’t started trading yet or it’s a red flag. On the other hand, if I see a coin list on IDEX and already have solid volume after a few hours or a day, I know that the coin is legit enough for people to be trading it, and it’s worth looking into more.

Keep in mind…

  • I am not stating that you shouldn’t invest in ICOs at all anymore. I am just highlighting a different approach to buying them. Private sales can still be very lucrative, so I would encourage to continue looking for some to invest in. This strategy is better suited for situations where those opportunities are not available.
  • BE CAREFUL! Choose your picks wisely, as you can get dumped on if you buy too early, and you can miss the initial pump if you buy too late. Because these exchanges are so small, the volume may only be a handful of btc, meaning the price can jump dramatically with just 1 or 2 trades. Koozi would suggest only using a small amount of money when testing this strategy.
  • The beauty of this strategy is that if you miss an opportunity to buy a dump, or you don’t find any microcaps worth buying into yet, there will be a dozen more listed each week. Be patient, do your homework, and try this out when you feel confident enough to make a move.

When the bull market hits, this will be a very fun strategy to use again.

What is Koozi eyeing right now for this strategy?

Kooz will share one that interests the bear. The rest are for you to find on your own 🙂

Happy hunting.

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