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Has Satoshi resurfaced?

At approximately 11 PM EST on November 29th, Satoshi appears to have been active on his P2P Foundation account. The P2P Foundation is a non-profit organization and global network of users that are dedicated to the advocacy and research of peer to peer-oriented solutions. Satoshi’s apparent activity while he was online included posting “nour” as well as adding a new friend who has the name “Wanger Tamanaha”. Screenshots of the activity are below.

Twitter user @pennykoin1 on twitter tweeted a screenshot of the breaking news last night asking for opinions and thoughts on the activity, and @Mounia_NL replied with the response screenshotted below. Mounia explains that “Nur” (also spelled nour) is a common unisex Arabic name meaning “light” This message is cryptic and can be interpreted in many different ways, it is just somewhat exciting to see some activity on an account that has been dormant for multiple years.

Satoshi also added a man named Wanger Tamanaha, twitter account: Interestingly enough, @wtamanaha has retweeted a news article about the P2P account coming active again, acknowledging that he at least realizes this has happened. @wtamanaha also retweeted @pennykion1 ‘s tweet here: where he breaks the news about the account activity. Tamanaha appears to be from Brazil, and his bio translates to “Creation of social networks and enthusiastic about blockchain technology and crypto-coins.” Tamanaha has a Steemit page linked here: where it appears he has many posts about blockchain technology in Brazil and abroad. Most of the articles are in Portuguese, and my first language is English, but he has over 3700 posts on Steemit and there appears to be some quality content there.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation that this activity was Satoshi. According to a Bitcoin talk post from 2014, a user believes that the [email protected] email has been compromised. Link to the bitcoin talk post here: that shows how the user “theymos” explains that it appears someone else is in control of Satoshi’s email. In this post, it is stated that nothing should be trusted that comes from the email account, which would include his P2P Foundation account as it is registered under the same email: [email protected] There is speculation whether this email has actually been compromised, but the speculation is important to note as this is not 100% confirmation that Satoshi has “resurfaced”.

Infamous Satoshi impostor, Craig Wright, took to twitter multiple hours after the Satoshi activity took place on the P2P Foundation’s website. On Twitter, Craig Wright started making posts about “the light” likely in reference to Satoshi’s “nour”. These constant attempts to try to act like Satoshi are laughable, but unfortunately worth addressing because of the public figure that Craig Wright is. Links of his “light” tweets below, but I don’t think there is much substance to them.

Craig Wright Tweets:

Overall this is pretty exciting activity to see. Whether it is actually Satoshi or not making the posts, you cannot deny the activity. It will be interesting to follow over the next couple of days to determine whether or not this activity was legitimate, I am not sold either way. While it would be very hard to “prove” the activity of an anonymous man (or woman), the posts on the P2P Foundation undoubtedly came from Satoshi’s original account. I will be following the twitter account of Satoshi’s “new friend” @wtamanaha to see if he provides any insight into this activity. @wtamanaha tweeted close to 12 hours after the activity took place that “It looks like Satoshi reappeared and I’m being investigated :-)” so it appears he is also curious about the P2P activity situation.

I will be following this story closely and will fire up a second article on this topic if any new and noteworthy information comes to “light”

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