One of the more fascinating projects to be showcased at Consensus 2018 was goTenna – a service which allows people to transfer crypto without an internet connection. GoTenna recently partnered with Samourai Wallet to create an Android app which can be paired with one of their goTenna devices. The service works by utilizing a mesh network and radio frequency to bounce transactions to nearby devices until locating one with an internet connection. As of now, goTenna devices need to be located within approximately one mile from one another, so it could be a while before the service is truly practical. The team says they have sold around 100,000 goTenna devices so far.


GoTenna fits perfectly with the crypto ethos of autonomy and freedom. No longer bound by the limits of cell service and wifi, users will be able to transact crypto in remote locations or during times of disaster, such as after a hurricane or tsunami. The freedom this could entail is amazing. You can only go so far off the grid if you still need to be connected to wifi or cell service – most of which stems from a centralized entity. GoTenna is solving this problem.


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