Bitcoin bear in disbelief

July 22


-loomdart, DonAlt marriage under pressure after loomless FF

-When a nocoiner finally asks you about that bid coin

-McAfee predictions are a helluva drug

-Zooko happy w/luxury groceries, Hayes: get on my level w/cars

-Rand’s N-Korean blocking policy, Romano ‘butt buddy’ discussion w/Cred, DonAlt

-Loomdart Polo support locking accts? DM if affected

-Shillexed intvw, not ackchually exposed

-Scams overview

-CryptoMedicated, McCormack salt

-CSW:”rather be dick than asshole”

An anti-FOMO app where if you try to buy something that’s already pumped, all your devices lock for one hour showing just this pic

July 20


retard bagholder lifecycle:
-follow someone else’s decent setup
-setup fails
-whine and cry to said person afterwards about your own decision
-follow someone who’s superficially likable/inspirational for retards instead
-lose rest of money
-“crypto is a scam/I’m unlucky”

FYI on Max Keiser:

-“Monero written by amateurs”

-Bitmex CEO expects 8 or 9k rally then 5k, is our leader

-Pham:”no care about school shootings b/c home schooling”

-When you’re a lonely scamcoin dev

July 19

-Crypto Dog EXPOSES crypto hating Rep. Sherman, h8rs say fake

-ETH client Parity drops wallet tech

-“Ambroid most overrated chartist” – Ambroid
-BTC hashrate ATH

-Kazonomics acct suspended, mixed reactions

July 18

-Kazonomics stops w/public posts over “racism, OG attacks”

-US crypto hearings report:

-AG hearing:

-freaky Trav lol

-Lost passw hypnosis only 0.5BTC upfront

Crypto Ed:”Mr Backwards biggest fraud in crypto”

Bitlord’s salmon shilling soy sauce swishing shakeout speech

MasterCard patent for managing fract.res. of crypto

Socal vs Shillexed

When you first registered on Bitmex after reading Forbes’ ‘how to short Bitcoin’ article and just trying to grasp what happened here

-Did top 50 2017 ICOs deliver…?

-CacheBoi, Ambroid salt


-“Coinbase wrong about SEC approval of acq”

July 17

-Bank-backed crypto exch open

-Augur growth, bet on disease

-RIP Kodak miner

-Instit.$  thoughts

-Shilling  thoughts

-Binance SYS hack analysis

July 16

shows tweet activity, heralding new alt ssn?

-Move from 6k to 6.8k now enough for BTC euphoria
-5 books to convert a nocoiner

-Bitcoin dev drunk tweet still smarter than your serious tweets
-“Shillexed lies, is cryptoWalk3r, part of P&D group”

-Blackrock CEO downplaying after yesterday’s article about exploring crypto:”no client interest in crypto”

-Shillexed popcorn delivers, Beastlorion:”pathetic internet bully”

-CFA exam adds crypto, blockchain

-Bitmain, P. Thiel invest in

-when the bull is faster than you


When you’re everything Imperator would like to be

-mocho:”mucho sorry for undiscl. paid shilling”

-“Former gangster Broken Tooth signs poker deal after $750MM ICO”

-Breakthrough visualization of market secrets


When I saw this from a distance in the Netflix overview menu I srsly thought it said ‘The ICO’… I may need help.

hunts undisclosed paid shills(discl: not my alt acct)

-TehMoonwalker, Cryptomist mentioned
-*whispers*DonAlt thinks alt ssn might aackchually come

-World’s largest asset manager explores crypto

July 15

-Romano issues challenge, 1 day later 1% of participants left
-22loops loses 60k+ followers  in Twtr purge (h/t York)

-meme with an ascii bunny holding a sign I can’t fit all this text into
-ToneVays:”Tokenpay=scam”, Tokenpay:”who Tone?”

-Early BTC buyer=more authority on it/nah?

Messiah back?
-“Time exposure to market=crucial concept, prob not used enough in crypto”

July 14

-“Eljaboom steals chart”

-TraderScarface, cacheboi fight, make up

-altcointhoreau makes fresh start -Malta=ez ICO money laundering?

-scambots now calling out other scambots
1 year anniversary

w/Coinbase shade lmao, when platform that actually works during any major BTC event tho

-Kevin Pham forks again

-When the rig gets you jizzing

-CB perhaps maybe exploring , “but no guarantees so don’t pump anything OK”

-VIRUS RETURNS, rumors I’m him unconfirmed. Wen Messiah? Angelo?Ashdrake?


July 13

-Bitcoin used in 2016 US election campaign meddling, ban it!

-Novogratz dinner w/Ver triggers many

E T H givaeway, in b4 ban
-“billionaire S.Cohen to back crypto hedge fund”

-If you see a DEX shill tweet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-“Naval=crypto Deepak Chopra”, “what Vinny would be if smart”

-“Aug 10 for ETF is false, Aug 16 earliest, likely later”

-OKcoin US exch launch

is the new Kevin Pham, Phamily clone army soon

-Bitcoin Tre hacked?

-ETF news could be 3mo later than Aug10

-“8.5MM AUD bet: BTC price>BRK.A in 2023 to win 1.2BN”

July 12

-Philakone victim of The Great ETP Whale Conspiracy Pump, movie based on true events set for 2019
-ATH for % of CT engaging Imperator as serious thought leader
-Twtr cleanse uneventful for many, D.Gokhstein down 75K organic followers/week

Trex lists

Tfw a very expensive coordinated attack is set up on a crypto exchange to ruin your trades all because the whales and big players are jealous of your size

-“Why “nobody is using BTC” based on tx, tps, may not be the case”

-BROKE HODLR suicide, troll?

-Gokshthstain buys everything

-Tether appoints mr. “Real” as CCO lol, h/t loomdart

-trade crypto in bull market
-quit job
-get rekt
-desperately take part time job b/c resumé fucked
-bio:”partially retired crypto trader”

July 11

-“Balina using hacked wallets story untrue, apologies”

-Messiah, purchasable vs. Patel’s book sharer

-K. Pham:”If I was FBI I’d kill me”

-Countdown till Twtr culling, gon be lonely soon
-MUE acq. for crypto marketplace

-Crypto wallet for Opera browser

-Nik Patel book shared, like using Piratebay/nah?

-50K organic D.Gokhshtein followers ragequit

-Tell the SEC why CBOE BTC ETF should be approved here:
-Why the SEC will regret this:
-CrypoKitties app on HTC phone
-Football great Ronaldinho launches crypto.. pls Ronnie no 🙁
-“Balina’s , sent to eth accts earlier claimed hacked”

-Belgian salt avalanche reaches crypto
-“$IOTA toxic, no scaling roadmap”

-“Bcash wallet Cointext genius exit scam, stupidity?”

A story in 4 pictures

-The Finney: “blockchain phone” endorsed by tech guru Lionel Messi

-The old ‘HW wallets in hydrochloric acid’ test

eats own dick w/creamy fluid

-Bloomberg Pulitzer material: “Bitcoin is falling”
-Ran Neuner w/classic shitcoin “announce of announcement”, gets tx rate wrong

-What is a market maker?

-“Udi W called Bancor flaw year ago”

-Vitalik clapping=the new BitConnect song

July 9


-“Crypto”=irl diarrhea-inducing parasite

-List of contrarian crypto theses

-“56% of crypto startups that raise $ with token sales die <4mo of ICO”

-nic carter with the fire vs Bancor
You know it’s crypto when you read the first 2 in 1 day: -“BTC to be worth $100MM in 2030?

-“BTC worth $100 in 10 years”

-$23.5MM Bancor hack

-hotdog eating=blockchain algo trading
: “BTC mining cost price bottom=myth, will just rek high energy cost miners”
-Ryan X. Charles:”minority won the BTC/BCH battle, war is still going”, C.Lee: “LMAO”
-Roger Ver quotes Roger Ver, then comments on Roger Ver quote
-Bittrex adds
-Expedia no longer accepts BTC payments, Vinny responds w/Lightning sarcasm, C. Lee: “y u hatin lately?”, S. Mow:”Lately?”
-Fast Money back to phone Coinbase screenshot and line
-tm3k wokeness ATH
-is loomdart Satan?
-Everyone: “BTC will make a big move in a direction soon”
-London Imp College report:”crypto could be viable next step for money” ($ by eToro)


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