ORCA (Open Regulated Cryptocurrency Adoption) is an Estonian registered FinTech start-up operating in the Baltics and has been evolving in the Blockchain industry since May 2017.


ORCA is building an Open Banking platform that merges fiat bank accounts, crypto wallets and exchanges, and works as an aggregator for blockchain applications.


Fiat banking accounts will be accessible through the platform thanks to the European Union (EU) PSD2. This new directive allows third-party service providers to securely access users’ banking details on their behalf, ¬†and enables the proposal of tailor-made solutions based on personal financial data (currently at minimum viable product (MVP) stage running in EU banks sandbox).


On the crypto-side, connections to users’ crypto-wallets and crypto-exchanges are accessible via interoperable APIs, facilitating data transfer from one application to another through a consolidated gateway. The aim here is to offer platform users a more convenient way to manage their personal fiat/crypto savings, while granting access to various services through the App Center. All fund conversions and token transfers are conducted ¬†securely through the ORCA platform, significantly reducing the effort required from the user.

ORCA Alliance is currently running its token private pre-sale, until April 15th, 2018.

Utility tokens will be used as the mean of payment into the platform ecosystem, while gathering the current ORCA community through a reward-based system to enhance the platform. The project is already backed by a strong community, several partnerships, private equity (PE) funds and Family offices supporters, initiated talks at the European Parliament on cryptocurrency regulations, and are now at the last phase to display a framework merging crypto with every-day finance on a regulated way.



Token Distribution

ORCA tokens will be distributed by this proportion:

60% to supporters during ICO

20% to Partner reserve (for attracting strategic partners and service providers)

17% to ORCA founders, developers and advisors

3% for Bounties (unused ones will be added to the Partner reserve)



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