Unbankd: JP Morgan to Tokenize its Gold Bars on its Own Blockchain

JP Morgan has unveiled plans to tokenize gold bars on its blockchain Quorum. The bank is turning to blockchain to reduce the friction involved in commodities trading.

The tokenization of a commodity like gold reduces the costs and risks for traders. It also permits two parties to complete a transaction without the need of a third party, such as a broker. Quorum even allows people outside of JP Morgan to tokenize their gold.

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Unbankd: Happy 10th Birthday Bitcoin

10 years ago, Satoshi, arguably the most famous anonymous person (or group of people) ever, released a paper describing Bitcoin.

On that day – October 31st, 2008 – a beast was born that would aim to completely revolutionize the way governments, institutions, and individuals interacted with each other financially.

In celebration of Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, we’ve decided to share 3 of the most fascinating features of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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